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Eating Out

Hey Reader! There are hundreds of thousands of vegan restaurants around. Yet, so many struggle to find vegan options locally. In episode 3 of the new Two Vegan Scientists podcast, Dr. Sam and I are talking all things vegan dining. Get our top tips for finding delicious vegan-friendly food when...
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16 days ago • 1 min read
People eating in a vegan restaurant
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Veganism is too expensive?!

Hey Reader! We have all heard the criticism that the vegan diet is too expensive... I spoke with Dr Sam Moxon on episode 2 of Two Vegan Scientists to settle the debate once and for all. As with all diets, there are plenty of ways to shop, eat out and cook that can impact your spending on...
20 days ago • 1 min read
two vegan scientists

Two Vegan Scientists

Hey Reader! I am so excited to announce something I have been working on with fellow vegan advocate Dr. Sam Moxon. Say hello to your new favourite vegan podcast: Two Vegan Scientists​ Sam and I are going to be discussing all things nutrition, health, animal testing, the gut microbiome, and a...
24 days ago • 1 min read